Monday, September 2, 2013

"I Love Playing With Fire "

Recently I have been OBSESSED with the 1970's. I have always had an interest in the 70's since I watched a documentary called 'No Fun'  that was part of a documentary series called "Dancing in the street" and explored the different eras of rock music from the 50's to the 90's. It was really interesting to me to see this whole different world of music and fashion and Ideals all at the same time. from then on my interest in the 70's era only snowballed until it hit its peak about a month ago.

The inner Cherri Curry/ Joan Jett/ Suzi Quatro within me was alive when I styled and shot a shoot with two of my friends centered around the 1970's and the feeling of  empowerment and determination surrounding the 1970's women's liberation movement. This shoot gives off a vibe of Girl Gangs and rebellion portrayed by two young teenage girls.

I have this thing about looking at photos whilst listening to music that inspired the looks and the whole shoot itself and as I have done it in the past I'm not going to stop now. I think I'm going to make it a tradition with this blog.

So take a listen to this amazing song by the Runaways - I love playing with fire.

Below is the mood board I created for  this Shoot. Tell me If you feel the spirit of the 70's

Jess Wears : Vintage dusty rose blouse, Floral Skater skirt from Kmart, white knee high socks and Soles Brand Black platform shoes.

Christiane Wears: Vintage sleeveless collated top, Black skater skirt, Vintage Western red Belt, White knee high socks and Rubi shoes gunmetal and black glitter platform shoes.

Hope you enjoyed viewing these photos, I had a great time shooting them. Also HUGE thanks to my beautiful friends Jess and Christiane who were perfect models.

XO Grace

Friday, June 14, 2013

Typical Girls

Today's outfit is inspired by The Slits, specifically their song 'Typical Girls'. If you haven't heard it why are you still reading this? There is a link below.STOP reading NOW! I said NOW! OMG by the time I count to three you better have clicked on the link below or else. Now what is it going to be. O.K I warned you 


Typical girls get upset to quickly
Typical girls can't control themselves
Typical girls are so confusing
Typical girls - you can always tell
Typical girls don't think too clearly
Typical girls are all predictable

Typical girls try to be
Typical girls very well

Oh good you have come to your senses.

Anyway I don't know why but I feel like this outfit embodies the song. 

Typical girls get upset to quickly

Typical girls can't control themselves

Typical girls are so confusing

Thrifted Dress from Red Cross  

I tied a knot at the front because it was too long for my liking 

Thrifted Vintage Guess Jacket from Asama foundation 

The Love,Barbie and Teddy bear badges I made but the 7 up badge I bought 
I am thinking about opening an Etsy store selling badges and hair clips and possibly necklaces and rings out of some vintage buttons and charms I have in my craft cupboard at home.  

I dressed up my Litas  with  left over purple flowers that I had from a DIY headband I made. 
I think I am going to keep them like this and just wear them with the flowers still attached because I kinda like them like this.
I'm sure that some people probably think this is sacrilegious towards litas/ Jeffery Campbell but you know whatever. I like them so yeah.

Sleepy time now 

XO Grace 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

You're Only Lonely

I honestly love Taking photos and just photography in general  but since I cant find any friends that are willing to let me take photos of them I have resorted to taking photos of myself  so that I can practice taking different types of photos. 

So I thought that I would Try and express a number of feelings through an interesting female character. I was trying to convey a feeling of longing and alienation through this collection of photos.

I think the inspiration for this shoot I think came from one of my fave songs

 'Your only lonely' By J.D. Souther 

The clothes that I am Wearing in the photos 
Cropped  Striped loose fit shirt (used tucked in) from Valley Girl 
Black Pleated skirt thrifted from Red Cross Charity store 
DIY Flower Headband
Purple suede Hush puppies

Hope you liked 
XO Grace

The best night of my life featuring Bribry

Last Friday night I went to one of the best concerts I have been to in my life! My friend Caitlin and I went and saw BriBry (whose real name is now Bribry really O'rielly) a YouTuber from Ireland. His YouTube Chanel is 'Bribry on tour'. He raps, sings and he has a series called "things to do before you die" where he does outrageous things you know to live life on the edge and what not. Caitlin and I have watched his videos for like 2 years and so I almost did the typical fan girl thing, shrieking then fainting on the floor when I saw he was coming to Brisbane (the city where no people I'm interested in come and do under 18 gigs ARG!!!)

Anyway the gig was AWESOME! now I know I'm only 17 but I think I am going to put this down as one of the best nights of my life. It was almost surreal seeing him in person after I had watched him online (not from outside his window) for years.There were about 30 people in the crowd, so it was a really cool intimate gig, you know the type where you can actually talk to the artist after the show and get to know them better. He has a really nice personality and he is soo funny and soo down to earth.

He sung some of his songs including 'Sum me up' and 'adventure time' (which are two of my faves) and then a cover of 'Lego House'  by Ed Sheeran, a song that I'm not too fond of but his version turned me on to it. But it wasn't just listening to his music and meeting him in person that contributed to the making of one of the best nights of my life; it was also the whole atmosphere, the awesome people we met, the cool venue (an old house in the middle of the city that you had to walk down an alley to get to as if to emulate a grueling search for culture in a bland city) and the chilled out feel that Bribry created by having a stage with no barriers and getting ready in the next room and then just walking out and saying hi to the crowd. It was all just amazing.

At the end of the gig I got to buy the physical copies of his two albums 'Grow' and 'your life over mine' and HE SIGNED THEM ! TO ME ! oh and then he signed my 'Wet Fix' (strange brand name I know) water bottle you know just cos. Then I got to give him a hug and thank him for the show and then I got a pic with him to remember the night for when I am old and living with ten dogs in a small cottage surrounded by snow.

At the end of the show I found my bus schedule and a pen in my bag  so Caitlin and I decided that we would write him a thank you note and leave it in his shoes so that when we left he would find it.

Below are just a couple photos and a Video that I took to remember the amazing night

Sum me up Live 

 The set up view as we were all sitting in front of the stage waiting for our lord messiah to come 
lol jks 
no but seriously it was like we were all in a cult waiting for our leader to come and address us. 
I was almost expecting Jim Jones or something to come out, but lucky for us he didn't.

 Just casually strolling out into a room full of adoring fans, all of whom were girls with the exception of three guys.  

Voice of an Irish Angel 

I'm not even ashamed ho how much I fangired before and after this picture 

Thought this looked a  little cool  with the shadow and what not

These babies will definitely get a place of honor in my room 

I'm not going to finish this bottle, nor will I throw it out.  I want this memorabilia to remain as intact as it was on the night. 

Our letter of thanks 

P.S. Bribry if you are reading this (not likely) I'm sorry I'f you felt me stroke your back as you walked through the crowd to get to the stage, but you see,you were there, I was there and someone had to be labeled as the weirdo at the concert so I decided to take one for the team.
 I hope you wernt too mentally scarred.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thrift Finds

This is a sort of continual post from the previous just showing you what ABSOLUTE STEALS  I got when I visited all four of the Op shops down the road from my house, Red Cross, Lifeline, Asthma foundation and Salvation army. All of these stores are a little pricey compared to others I have been to but when they have sales the regular $6.00 - $12.00 per item prices drop to around $1.00 - $4.00 per piece. So I tend to just buy sale items to save my pennies and get a better deal, unless it is something that I MUST HAVE !!!! Then there is no negotiation. 

I only Picked up four Items this trip because I wasn't looking for anything in particular and I didn't want to blow all my money so I only got some things that I just couldn't leave in the store. 

Steal  1.

This amazing pair of black satin/ Polyester pants with gold embroidered leaf pattern  
believe it or not these babies were on sale for $2.50. I'll probably end up wearing these in the dead of winter because of the material I wont be able to wear them much in the tropical Queensland climate. But I had to have them !!!!

 Steal 2 

This Black trench coat jacket with the most amazing stripes and floral pattern I've seen on the inside of a coat. It also has deep front pockets in the front and a secret pocket inside the left breast.

Steal 3 

This awesome vintage tapestry accordion folio  has green leather trimming and a gold slide clasp on the front. its in amazing condition considering that none of the tapestry is faded or frayed. I got it for a steal for $4.50.

Steal 4

I found this awesome Vintage guess jean jacket in between two packed clothing racks. It's clearly from the 80's from the huge sleeves and the wide set shoulders I'm guessing to compensate for shoulder pads. It was a bargain for $2.00. In the left hand pocket I found six raffle tickets and a single speck of gold glitter. and you know what? I LOVE THEM! Is that weird? well if it is I don't care. I think they add a certain character to the jacket. I like to think that there is a story behind these objects. 

I imagine :
Ruby at the winter carnival standing in front of the Ferris Wheel. She is wearing the denim jacket Jett gave her last year, She waits, her hair is teased and held with gold glitter spray. She's waiting for him to show. They had planned to meet, as they did every year at nine o'clock. But this year it was different. This year as the wheel reached its summit to reveal the dim town lights in the distance, she hoped it would be the last time they looked back to the South. She purchases six tickets, one for each year they had planned to leave as a remembrance of what they had faced together in that time. She fixed her hair, and glanced at her watch, 9.15. placing the tickets in her pocket she sifts through the crowd for Jett. He would never show. 

Well that's what I imagine anyway. 

I love these purchases and I'm so excited to style them later and maybe post them on this blog.

OK time for bed 

XO Grace  

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day

*note Sarcasm in use. I am very grateful that I have any Internet at all*
A few weeks ago I was bored at my Father's house, which isn't uncommon due to the tiny amount of Data he has each month for Internet (yes we are still living in the stone age, as dad refuses to get an unlimited usage plan) and my serious YouTube addiction.Therefore I have no way to satisfy my natural hermit instinct to stay in bed all day living vicariously through Vloggers that go out and do stuff. Lets just say that this addiction is so bad that he has now gone to the drastic step of putting one of those parental lock things on the Internet so I cant watch anything on YouTube !!! Geez I mean you use up all the Data in 3 days a hand full of times and suddenly its like the communist regime!WHAT IS LIFE WITHOUT YOUTUBE ????? how will I learn about Cults and Serial Killers If I cant watch awesome Documentaries, or laughing my ass off watching  the stupidest things like "Kung Foo Panda in the food lion parking lot !" HOW ?????

Well anyway after my mini breakdown I resulted to walking up the road and practicing my second favourite past time, Op Shopping or Thrift shopping if your American. I don't know how I lucked out sooo much when my dad moved into this street because right up the road (literally like 900m) away are four charity stores! FOUR! IN THE SAME CENTER! I still cant believe it, and its been like 2 years since we moved in.

I got up, had a shower, got dressed and was rearing to go get some bargains! Now before I go any further I should probably mention that I am the type of person that dresses them self based on their influences and things that have on their mind, weather it be a song  I can't get out of my head, Feeling Nostalgic or someone who inspires me to recreate their style with my own twist. Oh and I get allot of inspiration from images online, in zines, blogs and arty farty  photography websites.

For the past week or so I just couldn't get "My Girl "  by The Temptations out of my head (in the best possible way). And so I just had this urge to dress like a 1950's school girl delinquent. Don't ask me why but whenever I listen to that song I just imagine the romantic story of two juvenile delinquents running around city streets holding hands and laughing in their school uniforms and sitting in a waterfront park on a bench facing each other knees to chest, talking about the need for a societal revolution and what society wants for them and what they want for themselves. How I got that out of "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day,When it's cold outside I've got the month of May" I will never know. Maybe it's the melody ?

Any way here are some photos that I took of my outfit, and some Inspiration in the form of images that I drew from.

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day
When it's cold outside I've got the month of May

 I guess you'd say
What can make me feel this way?

My girl

 Talkin' 'bout my girl

 Shirt - Old school shirt from my high school uniform
Skirt - Thrifted from a Red Cross charity store
Bag - Colette
Shoes - Bought from local markets  

Watch - Asos 
Earrings - Colette
Sunglasses - Unknown 
Necklace - Made in my year 12 Creative Art class

Cya next time

XO Grace